Flori de Leon
130 4th Avenue North
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Flori Address Picture While walking down fourth Avenue North just west of first street you'll stumble upon the summer home of Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig along with many others over the decades.
Turn left and step up into the wide welcoming courtyard. Lined with back iron railed balconies six stories high, vibrant gardens, and a large water fountain in the center. Front courtyard picture
Flori Main Entrance After passing the water fountain, at the back of the courtyard is the front office with stairs flanking both sides leading up to the first-floor entrance of the building.
Entering the building, guests are greeted with an elegant setting area to await their hosts arrival to escort them to their apartment or possible one of the many gathering spots scattered around the property. Guest Sitting Area
Cabinet with memorabilia Bing guide up through the different floors past the books shelves and cabinets filled with historic memorabilia pulls you back in time imagining the residents gathering in the many different social sitting areas throughout the property. as you pass people, your invited to join into a polite social conversation. Life hasn't changed here since 1920s, Well, a little we have AC now.
Setting Area 1 Setting Area 2
Arriving on the seventh floor are two beautiful gathering rooms just outside Babe Ruth's and Lou Gehrig's apartments. On Sunday afternoon or Monday night, catch the game with others on the TV in Babe Ruth’s room, maybe a Thursday night card game in Lou's room, or just step out on the roof top to see the stunning view of Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida and Tampa Bay. Upon living the building, make sure you exit through the back-courtyard paved with the original hexagon bricks from the 1920s'. Babe Ruth's Room
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